5-day Course at NOIDA, Aug 2014

OTA Survival School

OTA Survival School is India's first facility dedicated to preparing, training and equipping people to face a survival situation. A situation that can be brought about by an adventure going bad, or a disaster hitting urban environments, natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, landslides, mudslides, cloudbursts, etc, or indeed, man-made disasters. The knowledge of the basic skills of survival can save many lives. More importantly, individuals can take care of themselves and their loved ones when faced with an unforeseen situation, something that can happen in a hurry.

India is a land of more than a billion people. India has been blessed by many bounties of Nature. It is the country with the longest coastline; there are more islands than one can count; the Thar desert and the salt flats make for extremely interesting adventures; the mighty Himalayas are our northern sentinels; she is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic lions, elephants, rhinos and the many other species that call this wonderful land home. Forests abound all across its geography and some mighty rivers flow through its bosom.


At the same time, India lies in an extremely eco-sensitive zone. The tectonic plates beneath the surface keep adjusting frequently resulting in earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. The Bay of Bengal is famous for its cyclones. The young mountains are constantly shifting resulting in landslides. Remote populations get affected by rain storms and cloudbursts.

Unless it is a major disaster, the victims are largely left to themselves. Unfortunately, Search & Rescue is limited to major events. It is therefore imperative that each and every individual learn about what to do when faced with a situation that is out of the expected, without shelter, water or food, maybe even injuries or loss of a loved one.

There is no organisation in India, apart from the Armed Forces, where people can learn about living off-the-land, about surviving in adverse conditions. It is this space that is occupied by OTA Survival School. To prepare, train and equip the common citizen on the basic tenets of survival. Outside of the Armed Forces, there is probably no other organisation better equipped to impart this kind of training.

The wilderness is our playground. We love the outdoors. We are passionate about learning and sharing the tricks of survival and self-reliance. Join us, you might enjoy it too, while enhancing your skills and becoming a more confident and self assured individual.

Watch the video below to see where we work and play.