Multitasking Course

Turn trash to treasure

In the unfortunate situation when you find yourself in a survival scenario and have been separated from you gear and equipment, you will have to multitask in order to make life a little easier. This is when you will have to forage the area around you looking for things that you can use to make and design stuff that you need. Turning a soda can into a whistle to draw attention to yourself, for instance. Or using bamboo for a million things - shelter, fire, water, cooking, etc.

Many things lie around as trash almost in every terrain, all across the world. If you knew how to use them to your benefit, the amount of stuff you have to carry in your pack will also go down with time and with more knowledge.

The more you carry in your head, the less you'll carry on your back

In the Multitasking Course, you will learn about the many uses of bamboo, soft drink cans, plastic bags, chapstick, condoms, sanitary napkins, drinking straw, etc. This also makes for a very interesting School project and enables students to start thinking laterally.

The indoor Courses is conducted indoors, within the premises of an office or a School. Fill in the form below to let us know of your interest.

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