OTA Survival School

OTA Survival School

OTA Survival School is India's first civilian organisation that is focussed on preparing, training and equipping people in survival and self-reliance.

India's geography has so much to offer that many people are venturing out to savour its bounty.At the same time, India is precariously placed geographically. Most of the country lies in highly sensitive zones that are frequent hosts to the fury of Nature. Natural disasters visit the region with frightening regularity, often leading to loss of lives.

OTA Survival SchoolMother Nature and the outdoors can be a wonderfully rejuvenating place, and yet, a very unforgiving place.

There are many ways to get injured or to get lost. and it can rear its ugly head in a heartbeat. A wrong turn on the trail could lead a hiker to get lost. Earthquakes and floods and landslides and other such disasters mean that home and hearth and probably even means of refuge and livelihood are lost. It is important to be prepared, trained and equipped to face such situations.

The more we carry in our heads, the less we will need to carry on our back.

Being prepared is the first defense in a survival situation. Chances of getting into a serious survival situation diminishes with increased knowledge, since one knows the procedures to be followed. That is what we at OTA Survival School are focussed on.

OTA Survival School

There is no substitute for hands-on experience gained through actual field training. OTA Survival School conducts a range of Courses to impart training in survival skills, for urban emergencies as well as wilderness survival, ranging from introductory Courses to multi-day Courses. In fact, the modules come in good stead even when people are caught up in a natural disaster or calamity.

The different Courses prepare participants for possible exigencies they might face ... whether while lost on a trek or when faced with a natural disaster or a calamity in the city, on holiday, or while on a pilgrimage. Even when a natural disaster hits their home.

OTA Survival School

At the end of the Courses participants come out stronger, more confident, are able to live without the creature comforts of ‘civilised’ life, ready to take on challenges. Importantly, they learn to deal with stress, are better equipped to face unforeseen situations, think faster on their feet, manage conflicts better, panic less, and become better leaders – at the workplace and at home. Panic leads to stupid mistakes that can make life a lot more miserable.


We are pained when we see the problems victims face when disaster strikes. Lives are lost, often unnecessarily. We have to realise that our LIVES ARE NOT CHEAP. We have to take responsibility for our own life, health and safety, and that of our loved ones and our community. At OTA Survival School we do not want to see even one life lost due to lack of knowledge and our passion is to empower each and every citizen of the country. In fact, we have a mission of training at least FIVE MILLION CITIZENS by the year 2030. If each of these individuals can become responsible for twenty of their fellow countrymen, India will be a much safer country with minimal loss of life due to the lack of survival knowledge.

Join us and help us achieve this goal.