First-aid Course

First Aid is NOT medical intervention

This is extremely important and we need to remember this fact. A lot of people are apprehensive about administering first aid since they mistake it for serious and professional medical intervention. Administering first aid is just a method of preventing a medical emergency from getting worse by preventing things from getting worse. First aid is only meant for the duration between the onset of the problem and the assistance of a professional medical practitioner.

By administering first aid, one can actually save a life and assist the doctors in treating the victim. That is all there is to it. Therefore, it is imperative that we learn the basics of survival first aid. Even though we may not realise it, there are numerous occasions when we can step forward to help someone. A common case in point is a heart attack. Often we just stand by and watch the victim die. If someone could administer CPR, there is a distinct possibility that a life could be saved. Same for choking. Or helping someone who is unconscious and bleeding through the nose. Knowing how to splint a fracture can save a limb.

Please take the time out to learn the basics of survival first aid

The Survival First Aid Course is conducted indoors and therefore not exposed to the vagaries of Mother Nature. Though the Course teaches survival first aid, most of the topics are useful to know in everyday life. The knowledge of survival first aid is to enable a person to come to someone's assistance, stabilise him or her till evacuation to a medical facility. Often the first few minutes are the most critical deciding whether a person dies or suffers from long term consequences. In this Course you will learn many survival first aid techniques. The number and depth of the tips, tricks and technique depends on the way the Course is progressing. You will walk out at the end of the Course more confident with the knowledge that you possess the basic skills to help someone in need, by preventing further harm before s/he is evacuated to a medical facility.

This is an indoor Course and takes about four hours. Sign up now by filling the form below and learn the basics of survival first aid.

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