OTA Survival School in-depth Courses

There are some people who do not want to participate in a full blown survival Course but wish to hone their knowledge on certain specific topics which will help them in a survival SHTF scenario. For them the In-depth Courses are an ideal option, before venturing out into the Eagles or Succumb or Survive Courses. The In-depth Courses are great fun and there is absolutely no food or water deprivation, and the learning is interactive and fun. Currently there are a variety of day-long In-depth Courses to choose from that focus on specific topics.

The in-depth Courses last about a full day, some are a little longer while some are shorter. Some of them are conducted outdoors, while others are conducted indoors. Currently the following in-depth Courses are available, each of them extremely interesting and valuable. Click on the thumbnails below to know about each particular Course.


Self-defense for women Course

We live in trouble times and every so often we get to hear about some unfortunate problem or the other on the streets of our cities. Particularly for women, safety is becoming a huge cause for concern. It is a good idea to know what to do when faced with a potential attacker. There are usually three possible reasons for an attacker - ROB (most likely), RAPE (very probable) and KIDNAP (least likely).

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First-aid Course

The Survival First Aid Course is conducted indoors and therefore not exposed to the vagaries of Mother Nature. Though the Course teaches survival first aid, most of the topics are useful to know in everyday life. The knowledge of basic first aid is to enable a person to come to someone's assistance, stabilise him or her till evacuation to a medical facility.

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Do you know how to tie your shoelaces? Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way and many get it wrong. This Course is conducted indoors and therefore not exposed to the vagaries of Mother Nature. Through this Course you will learn various different knots, hitches, bends and lashings. Different knots for different uses, some absolutely essential to know.

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Multitasking Course

You might have lost your gear and equipment or been separated from it. It is for times like these that you can turn trash into treasure and the way to do that is by multitasking items for uses you need and not for what they were manufactured for. This Course shows you many uses of bamboo, soft drink cans, plastic bags, chapstick, condoms, sanitary napkins, drinking straw, etc.

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Navigation Course

One of the most important skills to learn before heading out into the wilderness is navigation. You ought to know where you are and where you are headed. And in case you get lost or disoriented, with the knowledge of navigation you will be better able to find your way towards safety. This Course teaches you the basics of navigation and cartography.

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Weapons Course

Ancient people have lived off-the-land and the tools they have used have helped them to do so. And you will need to either carry your own tools or failing that, you have to fashion and devise your own tools - from stones, from logs and branches, with rocks, with anything that can be used. As either a tool or as a weapon.

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To know more about other OTA Survival Courses, both wilderness and for urban scenarios, click on the thumbnails below. You just might wish to become more knowledgeable and start taking responsibility for your safety and for that of your near and dear ones.

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