improvised weapons and tools

Ancient people have lived off-the-land and the tools they used helped them do so. In this modern world we are extremely dependent on store bought gadgets and have lost the art of using our own two hands to make the tools we need for specific purposes. When we head into the wilderness, we require a bunch of items to make life easier. This includes knives for a multitude of tasks, water filtration devices, cordage, compass, fire starting material, etc.

In the unfortunate circumstance when you get into a survival situation, you might just find yourself without the very tool that can help you. Either because you did not bring it with you, or have been separated from it. Also, if you know the tricks of improvising tools and weapons, you will not need to carry so much stuff on your back since you know you will be able to improvise, fashion and devise your own tools - from stones, from logs and branches, with rocks, with anything that can be used. As either a tool or as a weapon. For shelter, for food, for water, for protection. With some ingenuity you can devise a host of weapons, tools and implements from the material you find around you.

The Weapons and Tools Course is a very interesting one where you learn to improvise about a dozen tools for various purposes. Except a knife, none of the items used are store-bought, yet help us not only survive, but thrive.

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