"30 days" series of events

The "30 Days" series of events pits one (or more) survivalist across different geographies and terrains, for a period of 30 days, entirely alone and self-contained, trying to live off-the-land, and making the transformation from a survival situation to a self-reliant one. The series spans jungles and mountains, valleys and rain forests, open water and white water. The first two of the series has been completed in the jungles of Uttarakhand. The next have been conceptualised and are scheduled to be staged over the next few months. Click on the thumbnails below to know more about each of the events that comprise the "30 Days" series.

30 days Bhowali

30 Days Camping in the Padampuri Forest

30 Days Living as a Castaway

30 Days Floating in a Liferaft

30 Days Naked in the Maldives

30 Days Stuck in the Basement