Man-up or Shut-up

The proliferation and popularity of survival reality shows on television is proof of the interest people have this genre. Bear Grylls brought this genre to our living rooms and has become a household name. Consequently many an armchair survivalist has been born. In a country like India, there are many opinionated people who will offer their suggestions on almost any topic under the Sun. And it is increasingly becoming true for survivalism too.

MAN UP OR SHUT UP is a show that puts pairs of people, in the wilderness, competing against each other, with the purpose of surviving for 100 hours with just a knife, a fire starter and the clothes on their back.

Man-up or Shut-up

The show attempts to see how they fare in chalking out their priorities, how and if they can build a shelter, where they find potable drinking water. They will be inserted at an unknown location and will be told to reach a particular coordinate for extraction at the end of 100 hours. During the 100 hours they will have to spend three nights in the wilderness, exposed to the elements, the night life, and the creepy crawlies.

During their 100 hours in the wilderness they will be accompanied by a camera person with specific instructions not to help or even converse with the participant. What will make matters a lot more different for the participants will be the fact that the camera person will be equipped to live in the wilderness and will be carrying food for himself. This will be a bummer for the participants, psychologically speaking.

If you think you are man enough to face the Challenge, send us a message to enroll. If you know of someone you would like to nominate, let us know that too and we will see if s/he is man enough to take up the Challenge.

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