What if I get injured?

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According to us, great, since this provides a practical experience to learn First Aid. The injuries that are expected are minor – blisters, cuts, scrapes and bruises. Sometimes insect stings. Sprains are a possibility and a bad sprain means that … Continued

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What about controlling the risks?

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You will get a survival experience and the attempt is to minimise your exposure to unwanted risks or injuries. It is impossible to negate the risks entirely in a wilderness scenario, however simulated. Bodily discomfort is a part of the … Continued

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What about health and safety issues?

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The Courses are out in the field, in terrain that is unforgiving. Your level of fitness, ability to listen to and follow instructions, your mental attitude to your situation during the camp, your ability to adapt, all correlate to provide … Continued

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How tough are these Courses?

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Neither you and nor we can predict how you will react faced with a stressful situation. As long as you come in with an open mind, ready to challenge yourself, we can work together and complete a successful Course. Your … Continued

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Is previous wilderness experience necessary?

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Well, yes and no. Some previous camping experience is preferred though not mandatory. You will be faced with some sleep, water and food deprivation.  3,954 total views,  2 views today

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What about gender?

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The wilderness is entirely blind to gender. It does not distinguish between males and females. And neither do we. Consequently, all our Courses are mixed-gender courses. This provides an opportunity to members of both sexes to go beyond physical differences … Continued

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Who can attend the Courses?

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You need to be 18 years old (younger people need to get their parents or guardians to sign an Indemnity Form), in reasonably fit physical shape, and most importantly, with the right attitude. The terrain and the weather can and … Continued

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