What kind of people are the Courses suited for?

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For one thing, the Courses are not for everyone. Having said that, it is for everyone. You need to be the adventurous sort, the explorative kind, willing to try out new things. Inquisitive, curious and willing to walk off the beaten path. You probably do not shudder at the thought of being far away from the familiarity of comfort zones. And of course, you need to like and enjoy the wilderness. OTASS is not for people who are ‘followers’, it is for the ‘doers’. It comes with its inherent risks and you need to be prepared for them and accept them. The Courses are tough – physically and psychologically. They may not be for everyone, but for those who do attend, completing a Course is a magical and life-altering experience, certainly one where they feel they can meet life’s challenges better.

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