The Shoe Story Repeating Itself?

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You might have heard about this company that sent two people to explore a new territory for their range of footwear. After spending time researching the area, they both came back with their reports. The first said, “There is no … Continued

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The Widow Makers

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Whether you are in a survival situation or just having a good time out there in the wilderness, you have to be aware of what are called the Widow Makers.The term might be looked at as being sexist, since people … Continued

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Survival Essentials

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When faced with a survival situation you need to be aware of and deal with eight survival essentials. These are almost in a decreasing order of priority, but each of these is essential for survival in the wilderness. 1. A … Continued

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The first thing to do when you find yourself in a survival situation is to STOP. That is S-T-O-P.That is an acronym for Sit, Think, Observe and Plan. Give yourself a few minutes to gather your thoughts, let the adrenaline … Continued

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Is Bugging-Out Over-rated?

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When one browses the internet for survival training and preparation, or indeed browses the innumerable books on the subject, a majority of them talk about the impending doomsday. The day, not too far in the future, when a meteor or … Continued

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