Nine meals away from anarchy

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All of us like theories, formulas, neat little grids where we can understand life better. Well, most people anyway. Like the Rule of 3s, for instance. Or the 7 Ps of Wilderness Survival. Or the ABC of CPR. Acronyms and … Continued

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Street People versus City Folk

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Natural disasters are a reality. They happen often and they happen quickly, leaving destruction in their wake. Torn buildings and roads, damaged infrastructure, grid down, polluted water sources, scarcity of food. And this is true, whether in rural India or … Continued

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It is Lights Out

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We all like to believe that we live in a civilized society. And we do … at least most of the time. Look at the world. Some countries are supposedly more civilized than others. Which is why we have nomenclatures … Continued

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Stocking up for SHTF

Apocalypse. Armageddon. End of the world. We keep hearing these phrases from preppers. It gets reinforced from movies and from television. Many consider preppers a little off their rocker, with some screws missing in the their, screws that keep the … Continued

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A bit about urban survival

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When one talks about survival as a concept to the general public … at least the many I have spoken to … the immediate image that jumps to mind is the wilderness. “Of course, it is possible to get into … Continued

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