The SHTF Checklist

Often, we get to know if the shit is going to hit the fan. We get a few days notice of things going from bad to worse. Times like civil disobedience, for instance. Or when war clouds are hanging threateningly on the horizon. But in a majority of cases the situation changes in a heartbeat. A terrorist attack for instance. Or a sudden cloudburst in the middle of the night. Or an assassination. A communal riot, maybe. An earthquake. It is very easy for things to turn nasty and for you to find that the shit has really hit the fan. And here we are not talking nuclear disasters or electromagnetic pulses. Even stuff that is happening in another part of the country can have repercussions in our city. A strike in a neighbouring State could mean that essentials cannot come through. So, no vegetables, no fruit, no pulses, no cereal, no water, no fuel, no nothing. And God alone knows for how long.

Would you start thinking of what to do when the kitchen shelves are empty and the shops are closed, or will you prepare beforehand? Like it has been said, Noah built the arc way before the rain started. You have to prepare for an eventuality that might strike in a hurry. Hopefully it never will. But in case it does, it is always good to be prepared.

The first thing that you need to do is to make a SHTF checklist. Only you know what your situation might be when shit hits the fan, the city you live in, the environment that makes up your neighbourhood, etc, but the general guideline questions are as follows:

  • What are the most likely emergencies to prepare for?
  • What do I need to do to minimise exposure?
  • What is my disaster readiness plan?
  • Does everyone in the family know what it is?
  • What is the bug-out plan?
  • What is the bug-in location?
  • Do I have my EDC, BOB, GHB, THIS IS ME booklet, etc?
  • Is the house stocked for SHTF scenarios? Are the items up-to-date?
  • Does everyone in the family know how to use each item?
  • How do I take care of children? Infants? The elderly? The disabled?
  • Are there any special medical considerations?
  • What else should I consider?
  • Does everyone know what their role is when SHTF?

If you have have thus prepared, you and your family will be way better prepared than those who have left things in the hands of fate. When the stuff hits the fan, you will find a lot of people starting to point fingers. That gives vent to their anger and frustration, but it does not put food on the table. You will be prepared and have food on the table. This is far better circumstance ... on a full stomach ... to be venting.

Go ahead and make your own checklist for a possible SHTF situation. And revisit it often, so that it remains relevant, contemporary and up-to-date.

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