Maintain Camp Hygiene

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Maintaining camp hygiene is extremely important. Not only for yourself and your group, but for others coming after you and for people downstream. When you need to poo, do so away from camp and if you find yourself next to a water source, downstream and away from it. Ideally, you should be well away from the water source so that you do not contaminate it. Faeces is one major contributor to illness and you do not want to fall sick yourself by drinking contaminated water, nor do you want to be the reason for making others fall sick.

You can camp either next to a water source, or next to your toilet, not both.

If you are washing clothes or utensils, again, do that downstream.

Try and cover all the leftover food and hang it on a tree where animals cannot get to it. Hang tin cans, mess tins, etc around your camp. In case animals come in, they will knock them and hopefully get scared with the noise and go away. Moreover, you will be notified of unwanted guests.

Dispose of rubbish away from camp. Bury biodegradable stuff or burn it. In case you have things that are not biodegradable, carry it back with you. This might look like a chore and the best way to avoid it is to NOT carry anything that is not degradable and you might need to dispose off. Plastics of all kinds, for instance.

Remember the 5 Fs of outdoor sanitation:

  • Fingers
  • Faeces
  • Flies
  • Foods
  • Fluids

These are five things that often lead to disease due to their importance not being given adequate attention.

Maintaining proper camp hygiene is going to keep you healthy, will maintain proper environment standards and once you leave camp, it will be in the shape that you found it, if not better.

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