The 50-90 Rule

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While navigating through tides it is important to know whether the tide is working for you or against you. If you are on a kayak and are trying to get to shore during low tide for instance, you will find … Continued

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Rule of Twelfths

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This rule is primarily used as a rule of thumb, a guesstimate, of the position of the tide and is useful when navigating shallow water in particular. There are few assumptions that are made when applying the Rule of Twelfths:1. … Continued

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Understanding Tides

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Anyone who has been to a coast might have noticed that the edge of the ocean moves forward and backward depending on the time of the day. Sometimes it moves inland while at other times the water recedes into the … Continued

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Spring is here

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Today is March 20 and marks the day of the vernal or spring equinox, the day when the Sun cross the Equator and day and night are equal. Watch the Google Doodle to understand what it means … in 60 … Continued

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Maps are beautiful

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Maps are beautiful. In fact, to me, they are much more beautiful than the few square inches of a smart phone.There is something about placing a compass on a paper map, looking around and discovery the joys of finding your … Continued

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How wide is the river?

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On the trail you can come across many obstacles that you need to cross to get to the other side … and safety and possible rescue. Maybe you need to cross a river or a chasm by laying a tree … Continued

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About Buoyancy

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If you are lost out in the wilderness, maybe in a tropical forest with a thick jungle canopy surrounding you, it is very easy to get further disoriented and walk around in circles. The best method to make a dash … Continued

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Understanding Map Scale

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You might have come across the term “map scale” when someone is referring to a map. You might have ended up making the polite noises even though not quite understanding what was meant by the phrase. Do not worry, you … Continued

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About Knots – Not Knots, but Knots

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In this article we will delve into the subject of knots. Not the one that uses ropes but the ones sailors use. Though the ones using ropes started off by being used by sailors and most knots have their origins … Continued

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