Chennai floods – Wasted Resources

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We are seeing a natural calamity of unprecedented proportions in Chennai at the moment. Well, some might argue that the calamity is not entirely “natural” and humans have quite a bit to do with the flooding that has deluged the … Continued

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Friction fires – do you need to learn how?

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When one hears about survivalists or about people living an primitive life or see survival shows on television, invariably we are exposed to friction fires. A person who is a survivalist needs to know how to light friction fires. Primitive … Continued

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The Shoe Story Repeating Itself?

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You might have heard about this company that sent two people to explore a new territory for their range of footwear. After spending time researching the area, they both came back with their reports. The first said, “There is no … Continued

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Let’s learn from Chennai

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Let us first look at some facts.FACT: Chennai received more rain in three days than it usually does in three weeks.FACT: Many of Chennai’s lakes have been reclaimed to build colonies on them over the years.FACT: Chennai is a coastal … Continued

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Kiribati could be your future too

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For the residents of Kiribati in the middle of the Pacific, climate change is not something that will happen sometime in the future. It is a reality they face every day and the country is already preparing to evacuate all … Continued

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Tarp Sheet – a fine investment

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One of the finest investments one can make towards the Survival Kit, indeed one of the most important pieces of equipment that should be a part of all Survival Kits, is a tarp sheet.A tarp sheet is small, lightweight and … Continued

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Pepper Spray – Is it effective?

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With so much talk about the safety of people on the streets of India, particularly women, pepper sprays are freely available through stores both online and retail and are being advocated as an effective non-lethal weapon of choice to ward … Continued

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