Looking for a View of Heaven

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We Indians are intrinsically religious people and even though I have never professed to have been a follower of any faith or practice, one does seem to wonder at times about the greater game that is majestically and mysteriously played … Continued

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Spring is here

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Today is March 20 and marks the day of the vernal or spring equinox, the day when the Sun cross the Equator and day and night are equal. Watch the Google Doodle to understand what it means … in 60 … Continued

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Maps are beautiful

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Maps are beautiful. In fact, to me, they are much more beautiful than the few square inches of a smart phone.There is something about placing a compass on a paper map, looking around and discovery the joys of finding your … Continued

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When Money Turns to Toilet Paper

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The world has increasingly become money driven.We spend our entire lives, or at least a better part of it, trying to earn more money to be able to acquire material comforts and benefits. A bigger car, a bigger house, a … Continued

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